We are an early-stage VC fund, investing in founders who are delivering climate resilience for Southeast Asia.

Our portfolio of adaptation and mitigation ventures enables an inclusive climate transition to a sustainable future.

The Challenge

Climate change
is presented
as a global problem,
but its impact is
experienced locally.

Climate mitigation or decarbonization efforts alone are not sufficient to help emerging markets adapt to climate change. Countries that are most affected by climate change have needs that are not the same as Western economies. They require a broader complexity of solutions, that is not merely about reducing emissions. 

We need more scaled products and services, which are aligned to the needs of people living in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Climate mitigation efforts need to be integrated with climate adaptation solutions, and investing in solutions across climate mitigation and adaptation will lead to an inclusive climate transition.

Our vision

To grow Southeast Asia
into the world’s leading
climate venture economy

Climate Venture Investing is a commercial opportunity with embedded climate impact outcomes. Investing into early-stage founders creates scaled profits, drives innovation and delivers outsized impact. Climate Tech is not impact-only, or impact-first, but rather is an investment strategy that delivers profits with purpose.

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